Perah/pam susu sakit t3t3k….

itu komen mereka yang tidak pernah  atau tidak berjaya menyusukan anak terutama bagi yang bekerja

Kita tak boleh dengar dan terima bulat bulat.Kita kena kaji dulu dan belajar selok belok….


perah susu dengan tangan tidak menyakitkan kita

bukan picit ..perah..dan bukan perah macam perah kain ada tekniknya….

Dipanggil marmet technique….


How To Breastfeed – The Marmet Technique.

Manually Expressing Breast Milk — The Marmet Technique

Expressing milk by hand can be done to relieve engorged breasts or to stimulate let down of milk when you are ready to begin nursing. The Marmet Technique, developed by Drs. William and Martha Sears with the La Leche League International, is an easy way to express breast milk.

Start by positioning the thumb above the nipple and the first two fingers below the nipple, about 1" to 1-1/2" from the nipple, although not necessarily at the outer edges of the areola. Use this measurement as a guide, since breasts and areolas vary in size from one woman to another. Be sure the hand forms the letter "C" and the finger pads are at 6 and 12 o’clock in line with the nipple. This way, the fingers are positioned so that the milk reservoirs lie beneath them. (Avoid cupping the breast.)

Push straight into the chest wall, avoiding spreading fingers apart. For large breasts, first lift and then push into the chest wall. Roll thumb and fingers forward at the same time. This rolling motion compresses and empties milk reservoirs without injuring sensitive breast tissue.

Avoid these motions:
Do not squeeze the breast, as this can cause bruising.
Sliding hands over the breast may cause painful skin burns.
Avoid pulling the nipple, which may result in tissue damage.
Massage the milk-producing cells and ducts by pressing the breast firmly with the flat of the fingers into the chest wall, beginning at the top. Move fingers in a circular motion, concentrating on one spot at a time for a few seconds before moving on to another spot. Spiral around the breast toward the areola as you massage. The motion is similar to that used in a breast examination.

Repeat rhythmically to completely drain reservoirs. Rotate the thumb and fingers to milk other reservoirs, using both hands on each breast.

marmet technique video


Kalau guna pam..sila gunapam yang disyorkan oleh pakar laktasi atau mereka yang berpengalaman.

Antara pam yang Insya Allah tidak menyakitkan

  • Pump-In-Style medela
  • Mini-E Medela
  • Avent ISIS manual>UNO/DUO
  • Spectra2/3/7
  • harmony
  • Free-Style
  • dan banyak lagi